Hi, I’m Chetty Arun

I am a skinny, curly haired designer from India. I know a little about a lot of things at Razorpay. I am almost always thinking about designing for Fintech and when I am not, I am either taking mock interviews or I am at the gym deadlifting.

I am currently heading the Razorpay Payments and Capital design teams. You can find me on Twitter, Instagram and on email.

Here's what I am upto...

at Razorpay

Building and growing the Payments and Capital design verticals. Actively working with the payments team on improving our primary product, Flash Checkout. Continuously improving the conversion rates by making the design as user-friendly as possible. On the other hand, working with the Capital team in scaling up the lending platform.

Scaling up the Culture Committee and actively leading projects to keep up the company culture. Ask me about how we setup the culture committee when we meet.

Actively hiring designers and product managers across levels. Want to join me in building awesome FinTech products? Drop me an email.

in personal life

Mentoring a couple of designers outside work. Actively taking mock interviews to help designers, developers, and product managers. Trying to take out time to work on a couple of side projects.

Last updated on 7th March, 2020