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My first post. Please go easy on me

Posted on January 12, 2015


Hello All!

This is Canvas, where mostly you will find my rantings and project case studies. I am a UI/UX designer and a Biotechnology undergrad from IIT Roorkee.

I was always skeptical about this but I have finally decided to put up my own blog where I can share my ideas and projects. Now that I have started it, I want to see myself here writing a lot.

"Write. You will be a much better designer."

Currently I have two projects in hand. One, designing the user interface of a music player application at SDSLabs and the second is my final year project on "AOX activity in cold resistant tomatoes," which will run through the whole semester. I guess this will be my last project in the field of Biotechnology. Not that I hate the subject but I have always pictured the future me sitting before a high definition screen with Adobe Illustrator fired up and a clumsy table with UX flow sketches and my rubik's cube lying around and the room filled with the aroma of a hot cup of coffee.

I hope it is time for me to leave designing as just another hobby and take it up seriously as a career which will put food on my plate. I believe nothing is better than having a job where you are being paid for doing stuff you really like. That being said, I recently got a job offer for the position of UI/UX designer from a successful startup. I think things are going to get pretty serious now :P

I will try to keep this blog alive with frequent posts. And I request all the Grammar Nazis to excuse me for my poor writing skills.